Who is Kolya


Not only do I think that Kolya is a beautiful Slavic name, it is also the title of one of my favourite films. (Czech Republic 1996)

My name is Miranda. As a qualified upholsterer I work with antique and modern furniture and many different kinds of fabrics.

Because I enjoy working with fabrics so much (especially vintage), I started to make little dresses for girls. I use a mix and match of good old retro curtains, tablecloths, polka dots, stripes, ginghams and combine these with lace, embroideries, braids, coloured buttons and whatever other fun materials I can get my hands on.

All the dresses are made with lots of care, love and attention and can be worn all year round as they are easy to combine with shirts, blouses, leggings, jeans or any other pants.

Each dress is one of a kind!



In the past I have worked as a silk screen printer and I finished my diploma as an interior designer at the Portobello School of Design in Dublin, Ireland. I enjoy photography and I'm a collector of vintage furniture. When it comes to clothes and interiors I have a passion for combining old and new.

For many years I lived in beautiful Kilkenny City in the south east of Ireland. After eight wonderful years, I moved back to Holland where I can source suitable fabrics, stroll through amazing markets and spend time behind my sewing machine.

Who is Kolya
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